Monday, December 1, 2014


What good Friendship means? To me good friendship means to help one another, being there when they are feeling down. Friendship has a lot of Good meaning in it. Your Friend Ship could make you really happy and you can cry together  laugh and make them feel welcomed.

How to be a Good Friend?  Being a Good Friend is making them laugh letting them know that they are not a mistake. Telling them that you are always their for them. If they are crying or someone passed away be a true friend to be their for them. Doing a good effort by being wonderful and using your kind words. Don’t back stab your friends or you will have no friendship.

Why you need to be a Good Friend? Being a good friend is good but not being a good friend is bad. Because once if you lost your friendship you would be lonely. You would sometimes not laugh you might always cry because you lost your own friendship by backstabbing them. They also can back stab you back and mock you.

When your friend Needs You? If your friend needs you can tell when something is wrong with them if their crying not talking. You could make them laugh but if they still don't you could ask if they want to talk about it. You could walk them home if they are scared someone might mock her or him.

What this world would be like if their were no good friends? If we didn't have good friends in this world. Their would be a lack of communicating. There be people killing them self they might always fight argue at each other.  Feeling like they are a mistake and thinking why is there no good friendship in this world.
Conclusion: How I would treat my friends? It is Great to have a True friendship with people. I would treat my friends like they are my sisters or brothers I  would be their if they are alone. Being there when they need me to be there. Knowing that they are okay at times. If my friend wanted to run away because their mum or dad kept fighting I would also ran away with them To Be Honest.

Future Aspiration

 Key Words

Mr Samuels
Anthony said he learned this week that To Miharo Hoki  means You are amazing.
Anthony told us to Don’t let people in your past determine your future.
Anthony tells us 1 Phase and 1 Key.

Amelia was explaining Don’t let people push you back. Also Don’t let people’s perspective of you determine your future. Amelia worked for A.U.T she has been doing a degree for design’s. She has got one more year to go.  

Paula was explaining  take risk, Hunger.
Paula told us what story do we want to here, he said the one when I nearly died or the one when the teacher was getting his name wrong? Had told us a story about when he was back in intermediate. He will win the swimming challenges in school. Aha and he was funny the teacher’s always got his name wrong and he ‘’says’’ they got mouth disease aha. He drowned when he had a challenge versing other school’s. While he was in the pool he  standard in the middle. He thought  he could reach the bottom of the pool because at his school he could stand up. So he started to drown and he fainted in the pool and the life guard grabbed him and pushed stomach. Then the water came out of his mouth and he was looking around and everybody,   was staring at him his friends were laughing at him and he felt embarrassed.  Paula was inspiring us with his funny words and his actions.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lydia Ko

Lydia Ko was born in April 24 1997, she is a New Zealand Golfer. Lydia Ko is 17 of age, also she had been the top-ranked women amateur golfer in the world for 130 weeks. She is only 1.52 m and her Education is Pinehurst. Her mother is Tina Hyon.

She is an amazing golfer she became the youngest professional  golfer.  Lydia Ko was a pro golfer since the age of 5 when her mum token her to pupuke golf club. On her golfing tour she has won. She has toured around countries and competing for the women golfer. Also she is the youngest the win.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rips Information

New Zealand has the highest drowning rates so its important that people know how to keep safe. If you are in a Rip the first thing is to do is never try to swim back because you will get tired of the water pushing you further away. So never swim alone because if something  drowns or panic you can get dragged under that Rip.Life guards has put 2 flags out so stay between the flags because its safe.If you are caught in the rip don’t panic because most people drown and even die from panicking in the rip its important to don’t panic.

Do you know how a rips for?
Rip is like a stream full of water that pushes water out and away from the shore. So if the rip pushes you away and you're trying to get back to shore put your one hand up and try to stand up. Then wait for the lifeguards to come and get you. Rips are hard to get out of so you should know rules when you are in a rip.
How do you identify a rip?
When you are getting drifted away and you’re trying to swim back to shore that's when you know you’re in a rip.  When water are hitting the shore and on the same time water drifting away that's when you know its a rip. Rips are unsafe to be around so its important you swim near the shore and away from rips.

What to do when you are caught in a rip?
When you are caught in a rip don’t try to swim back just wait until someone grabs you. Don’t panic because you might drown and die from rips. If you are caught just wait until the waves finally stop and then you can swim back. Always swim when their adults close to you so they can pull you in.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Empathy Explanation

Imagine a world without empathy. It would be a world with a lack of communication, it would be a crazy world. Empathy means standing in other people’s shoes. Empathy is sometimes hard  especially if someone has hurt your feelings and you just want to be unkind back. But it’s important to understand other people’s feelings and their emotional and is important to have a peaceful world.

You can show empathy in many ways, which is being respectful to one another understanding what they have been through. Show your good ways to them be kind. You can show empathy by doing kind  actions with your hands. Listening can be a way that you can show empathy.

If you don’t show empathy their energy will start going down. There can also be violent people always crying. Its important to show empathy so they don’t always feel like they are a nobody and its not good to keep on mocking them.
Conclusion: I can Imagine a world without happiness. It would also be no ability to feel their roots and even feel connected to each other. Think about if we had no bullies at school and anywhere else it would be a better world.  We do need empathy we don't need bad stuff to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already we have the power imagine better.

Think about if we could have empathy all the time there wouldn’t be any fighting, crying and  arguing. Wouldn't it be great to have people saying good stuff all the time about you? Instead of them saying all mean stuff to you and other people.

Empathy is a word that people hardly hear these days. But do you know the meaning of the true empathy. For example the true empathy is making sure that they feel welcome and that they can be happy.                   

Friday, October 17, 2014

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Immersion Assembly

This start of the team , We are doing  Art Attack. Seeing all the teacher’s dressed up in their colourful hair, t-shirts and pants. Each team had to do a performance about Art Attack. Watching Team 4 doing their performance. Also the main colors are Yellow Blue and Red from Team 1.

There was four teacher’s standing on stage, Their name’s were Andy Warhol was a pop art, Fatu Fe’u was a Samoan and drew flower patterns, Vincent Van Gogh had an bandaged ear, Pablo Picasso was a cubist style, Monet had a french accent and George Seurat was a style of painting was pointillism dots.

They all Introduced them self and told them what kind of painting they did also where they lived. They have good pictures of westpac and all patterns or drawing. All that time at assembly is was boring just watching them but the best was Team 4 interesting was Team 5.

Team 5 was painting a  picture of Mr Burt, Miss Jarman and Mr Jacobson. Once they finished we all saw what the pictures were and it was really amazing. They had good painting and I wish one day I will turn out like an artist.  “ I think this term is going to be a messy term” I Said to Mele. When we get to the middle of this term it going to best fun because we will be painting pictures and sticking them around our school.  

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The Teams of Parliament have  opportunity  to vote for the New Zealand  Prime Minister. The Elections are coming soon so the leader’s are discussing the promise’s. Walking across the road there is a billboards on the side of the road. There are BillBoards on the  roadside with the leader’s face’s  on it saying vote for us.

The New Zealand system Election was mixed in 1993.  The member’s of Parliament fair and free Election’s. National is winning so far at people voting for who is going to be the new Prime Minister.   John Key and David Cunliffe are having argument’s about what is good for us.  

The Teams for Voting Parties National, Labour,Maori Party, Internet Mana,Conservatives and Greens. These are the leader’s for the Pateris National is John Key, Labour is David Cunliffe, Maori Party Pita Sharples and the Green Party leader is Metiria Turei, Russel Norman.

Friday, September 5, 2014


Lorde is a New Zealand famous Singer. She was born in November the 7th of 1996 now she is 17 year's old. Lorde was happy to perform as a Child , she has 2 Sister's and 1 Brother. Lorde won Two Grammy Awards.  Her first song was Pure Heroine I think her best song is Royal.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ups and Downs

The Question is how long did it take for the snail to get to the well. 


Ki-o-rahi is a sport that represents the 7 stars for matariki. It is a legend or Rahi and the Patupaiarehe. The ball is called Ki also the sport is played in New Zealand . Ki-o-rahi has different kind or spots mixed together like netball touch tag and rippa. For Ki-o-rahi You can tackle but to other people it is just a beginning game so it would be better to wear tags instead.

There are only 7 players on side in Ki-o-Rahi. Ki-o-rahi is mainly played in france and New Zealand.There are  2 teams and one team is called Kioma and the other is called Taniwha. The kioma team scores by running along the Te Ara and scoring into the pawiro.

Ki-o-rahi is like a rugby game but you can throw the ball in front of you. It is a good sport to play with your family if your family has an outing. I really enjoy the game Ki-o-rahi because it is really fun and funny watching people slip if it’s muddy. I hope you and your family play Ki-o-rahi and see what it feels like playing.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Robin Williams

Robin Williams was born in July 12th 1951,also he is an American actor. He is a Stand-up in Comedian in San Francisco. Sadly Robin Williams died on Monday 11th August 2014 by Hanging himself. He was leading the comedy of Wikipedia. He has two Son’s and one daughter. The 2 Sons names are Cody Alan Williams and Zachary Pym Williams.

The Daughter name is Zelda Williams. Susan Schneider is Robin Williams wife. So  Zelda Williams Cody Alan Williams and Zachary Pym William mum is Marsha Graces. Robin Williams has 45 movies that he made.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


On Monday the 11th we had to pay 1 dollar to watch a performance in the hall. It started after morning tea. Entering the Hall with my class all the dancers were dressed in Maori customs. There were 5 dancer’s 3 Men’s and 2 Women’s first they introduced themselves to all of us and there 3 men’s names was Lucky, Jordan and Aroha.

Also the 2 Women’s names are Hera and Zoe. All of the groups yelled “Kia ora”but only one at a time while they introduced  themselves. Then after that they did a performance and also sang. Lucky and Jordan were doing powerful slapping movements while Aroha was playing the Guitar.

We were all laughing and giggling because of Aroha he is the funny one in there group. After that the Woman's did their performance with there piupiu which was swinging from side to side. While they were doing there performance's we were cheering and clapping.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is a Jamaican Sprinter, he was born on  August 12th 1986. He is the first men that hold the 100 metres also 200 metres record. Usain Bolt won 30 Gold medals and 9 silver medals. He has topped the first double triple including 4x100m relays. His event in  Sprinting.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ki - o- Rahi

Finding a way with focus and concentration as the player is trying to hit te tupu. So the player was defending though his way to the te tupu. The player busted with speed and hit the te tupu.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Stan Walker

Stan_Walker_-_LightItUp.jpgStan Walker was born on October 23th 1990. He was is New Zealand recording artist, also an actor for television personality. In  2009 Stan  was a winner of the seventh and last season of Australian Idol.

In the First season Stan Walker came a judge for X Factor in 2013. He has sang with Ginny Blackmore called Holding You. He inspired heaps of New Zealanders with his Albums.  

Friday, August 1, 2014

Commonwealth Games

1. What were the first team sports played at the Commonwealth Game? Netball 2. What is the Commonwealth Games Motto? Humanity-Equality-Destiny 3. Who is the Patron Saint of Scotland? Saint Andrew 4. Who are these famous scots? a) Robert The Bruce is a famous Calgary Statue. He was born on July 11th 1274 then he died on June 7th 1329. He was the most famous warriors of his generation. Also he was leading the wars of Scottish against England. b) Robert Burns was a poetry and a lyricist writer. He is known as the national poet of scotland and He is worldwide. His death was on july 21th 1796 in United Kingdom known as UK. c) William Wallace was a Scottish landowner who became one of the main leader. He died on August the 23th 1305. He was born in Elderslie United Kingdom and his height was 1.95 m.


Ane & Mele

Diving is a sport of jumping or falling into the water off a springboard or platform. Diving is a sports that is part or the olympics sports. This event was apart or the olympics sports ever since 1904.

Diving is the most properly olympics sports with the most spectators. The competitors perform the same characters as each other including flexibility, kinesthetic and air awareness. Some or the divers were gymnastics and dances so there use to what they perform because it kind or the same thing as diving.

Steady on the platform she has to do 1 meter diving  and also 3meter springboard. focus was to perfectly 1m and 3m for the divers. There was also no 1 metre dive well standing on the platform for the Diving competiters for olympics.  

As the driver jumped off she twisted and made a splash of entering the water. The judges score the competitors by there twits and all the aspects. Also it is scored by the splash that has been made for the entry or the dive.

Film Festival

Entering the theater it looked like a ‘’Beautiful Palace, with lions statues which there eyes were turning blue and green. ‘’Miss Nua showed us where we are seated’’ . While the lights turned off people were looking up. So I just started looking up until the video played from different Countries but they were only short.  

Looking up on the ceiling was a blue sky wonderful shining star’s and also the clouds came as the video  was starting. First we watched about a boy who had a mum that was an airplane. I thought he was just joking but then he showed us his mum and she was a big white airplane. Also there was another one that came on which was inspiring as we watched alone.

Because it was giraffe there was heaps and they did all kinds of different styles jumping off the platform. Steady on the platform and his or her body taut she begins with a somersault and entered the water.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Maths- Algebra


 a. How many sticks were needed to build the 5 fish patterns? 30
b. How many sticks would you need to build 20 fish patterns? (See if you can work out how many without making the pattern) 122

c. Explain how you worked this out. 120 + 2=122
d. In a spreadsheet create a table that shows how many sticks are needed for up to 20 fish.
e. From this table create a graph to show your findings

Thursday, July 3, 2014



Teletubbies is a British children's television.  The Teletubbies names are Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po. There are only 4 Teletubbies, there colors are Yellow,Purple,Green and Red. Teletubbies are my best cartoon when I was little but I still like them. I like how they talk even though I don’t know what they say.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Guitar Explanation

 If You play a guitar when it will vibrate from the strings to the nearest object around it and back. Then it would go to your eardrum and go forward and backward. Also when you make a noise it will make sound waves in the air which you can't really see. If you play a low chord it will be a low pith but if you play a high pitch. So if you play a guitar it could ply high and low pitch which head to your ear molecules.

Sound Explanation

If we had no sound in the world then we wouldn’t be able to listen to amazing music that people have made. I wouldn't be able to live if there was no music because my life would be less FUN. But how does sound work ?

Sound can be made by the vibrating of the object.Sound vibrates the air molecules which vibrates your ear drum that converts to electrical signals. The sound goes through your ears hits straight to your brain. Sound can be made by the vibrating of the object. For example as you hit the drum with drumsticks the sound of that object will reflex the skin of the drums which vibrates up and down.

Sound is also different because they have different beats to each other and they also sound different. Some sound have high and low pitch sound and if the high pitch is high then it vibrates fast but if it is low it take it times.

How to make a Guitar and a Fault

Rubber bands
Cardboard box

Step 1: You have to cut a hole in the middle of a square box.
Screenshot from 2014-06-09 14:30:43.png
Step 2: Then you put about 5-6 holes on to each side so it looks like thisScreenshot from 2014-06-03 14:44:00.png
Step 3:Then paint the body of the guitar I desired.This is easiest to do before you’ve strung it, as paint will change the sound and elasticity of the rubber bands.
Screenshot from 2014-06-09 14:45:53.png

Step 4:Place the knotted dowel into the body of the guitar and feed the rubber bands up through the string holes. The dowel will hold the rubber bands securely in place.

Screenshot from 2014-06-09 14:49:11.png

Step 5:Stretch each string across the central guitar hole and into the corresponding string hole on the other side.
Screenshot from 2014-06-09 14:51:20.png

Step 6:Place another dowel inside the body of the guitar and tie the loose string ends to it. Do this one string at a time for maximum accessibility. Be sure to make each string slightly looser than you would ideally like, as you will be tightening them later. If desired, make each string a different length to achieve different notes.
Screenshot from 2014-06-09 14:53:34.png

Step 7:Glue the last two dowels to the front of either side of the central guitar hole beneath the strings. Place the first dowel underneath the middle of the strings, slide it to one end, and glue it in place to lift that end of the strings; repeat on the other side. When you’re done, the strings will not only be lifted off the face of the guitar, but also have a tighter sound.
Screenshot from 2014-06-09 14:55:54.png
Step 8:Find a long piece of material that will readily attach to the body of the guitar.For example, this may be a piece of wood, length of PVC pipe, or cardboard tube, depending on how sturdy you’d like the end result to be.
  • To make cardboard tubing more solid, use several tubes. Slice all but one of them down the middle lengthwise, insert them inside one another, and glue them together.
  • If using PVC pipe, try to find some with a threaded end. This will make it easier to attach to the body of the guitar (see Step 4).
  • Screenshot from 2014-06-09 14:58:00.png

Step 9: Paint the neck if desired. Note that if the neck is a different material than the body, the painted result might not match (even if you use the same paint).
Screenshot from 2014-06-10 10:42:23.png

Step 10:Cut a neck hole in the body of the guitar if necessary.
Screenshot from 2014-06-11 10:33:23.pngScreenshot from 2014-06-11 10:34:00.png

Step 11:Attach the neck to the body of the guitar. The simplest way to do this is with a strong glue. If using PVC pipe, first screw a PVC ring onto the threaded end, then stick the threaded end through the hole you cut in Step 3, and then tightly screw another ring (or cap) onto the pipe, trapping the top wall of the guitar body between the two rings. Note that this will only work if the body of the guitar is a sturdy material and the hole is very snug.

Step 12: Now you're done, go give your new guitar some strumming!

Step 1:You will Need to flatten The ends of the straws with the pliers.
Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 10.34.18 am.png

Step 2: After you have done that you will need to cut the flatten bits like it shows in the picture.
Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 10.36.40 am.png

Step 3:If you wanna Plays songs you could Cut some more holes in the straw. And Start Playing it .

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 10.38.21 am.png

Friday, June 27, 2014


Every Wednesday Class 4 goes out to AFL which mean’s Australian Football League. We leave Class at 9:40 to get started with our sport. Our Coach is Tim, first we played Rats and Rabbits for the warm up. Whenever Tim says Rat the Rabbits chase after the Rat.

After the game we played another game which was called the Ruck. When we started the game Me and Dhara standard side by side Sisilia throw the ball powerfully. Dhara win that one because she jumped powerful.

While I  was running around I started to get sweaty. We played another game but I forgot what it was called. It was easy to chase the people in the other team but then it got hard. Our Team tried to be careful with the ball but I kept on throwing it somewhere else.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Dodge Ball Friday

Every Friday Team 5 have  had dodge ball and they also  play against other classes . Most of the times when Team 5 have Miss Tito  while there go somewhere they have Miss Tito. When we first did our Practices Miss Tito looked at us and we weren't working as a Team or going for the good player’s.

Heaps of us weren't working as a Team they were just going for other player’s. She said to  us if we don’t work as a Team we will lose the game against the other classes. Our reifes are our Pt England year 8’s Miss Tito picked them because they offered.

We had finished our Practice so the next day we played with Class 3. We went behind the line and when Miss Tito blown the whistle and we run to go get it. We never worked as a Team as Miss Tito said. She was saying it while we were throwing the balls.

I got out so I went to set on the chair if someone caught the ball they will get out and then I could go back on. We lost the game and we played some more games just for fun the other one was for to see who wins.

The next day we worked as a Team and that was good. While we were play I was look at Mele sneaking by the side and she got Htawara out. Than I got out now I know to look at people from the other side not mine. I really enjoyed dodge ball with Classes.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Violin presentation

Cold Days

Today it is a freezing day,when I looked outside it was foggy. While I went outside I was shivering and while I was  breathing Steam came out of my mouth. So I started walking while my body was numb.

While I got out of my bed I started to shiver. My mum already left to work so I had to walk! As Soon as I got changed I went outside and the grass was iced. Suddenly my Teeth were cheating while I was walking to school.

Is My Writing Effective?
Are my paragraph/s about one MAIN idea?
Do my paragraph/s have more than one sentence?  (usually 2-4)
Are the sentences connected and build up the MAIN idea?
Do my sentences in my paragraphs begin in different ways?
Are the sentences varied?  e.g. in length, in complexity
Have I used different types of sentences?   e.g Statements(.) Questions(?) Exclamations(!) OR Speech (“ “)
Have  I carefully chosen words/vocabulary in my sentences?

Do my sentences and paragraphs meet the purpose?
Do my sentences/paragraphs appeal to the reader/audience?
Have I checked my writing for grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors?