Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ups and Downs

The Question is how long did it take for the snail to get to the well. 


Ki-o-rahi is a sport that represents the 7 stars for matariki. It is a legend or Rahi and the Patupaiarehe. The ball is called Ki also the sport is played in New Zealand . Ki-o-rahi has different kind or spots mixed together like netball touch tag and rippa. For Ki-o-rahi You can tackle but to other people it is just a beginning game so it would be better to wear tags instead.

There are only 7 players on side in Ki-o-Rahi. Ki-o-rahi is mainly played in france and New Zealand.There are  2 teams and one team is called Kioma and the other is called Taniwha. The kioma team scores by running along the Te Ara and scoring into the pawiro.

Ki-o-rahi is like a rugby game but you can throw the ball in front of you. It is a good sport to play with your family if your family has an outing. I really enjoy the game Ki-o-rahi because it is really fun and funny watching people slip if it’s muddy. I hope you and your family play Ki-o-rahi and see what it feels like playing.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Robin Williams

Robin Williams was born in July 12th 1951,also he is an American actor. He is a Stand-up in Comedian in San Francisco. Sadly Robin Williams died on Monday 11th August 2014 by Hanging himself. He was leading the comedy of Wikipedia. He has two Son’s and one daughter. The 2 Sons names are Cody Alan Williams and Zachary Pym Williams.

The Daughter name is Zelda Williams. Susan Schneider is Robin Williams wife. So  Zelda Williams Cody Alan Williams and Zachary Pym William mum is Marsha Graces. Robin Williams has 45 movies that he made.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


On Monday the 11th we had to pay 1 dollar to watch a performance in the hall. It started after morning tea. Entering the Hall with my class all the dancers were dressed in Maori customs. There were 5 dancer’s 3 Men’s and 2 Women’s first they introduced themselves to all of us and there 3 men’s names was Lucky, Jordan and Aroha.

Also the 2 Women’s names are Hera and Zoe. All of the groups yelled “Kia ora”but only one at a time while they introduced  themselves. Then after that they did a performance and also sang. Lucky and Jordan were doing powerful slapping movements while Aroha was playing the Guitar.

We were all laughing and giggling because of Aroha he is the funny one in there group. After that the Woman's did their performance with there piupiu which was swinging from side to side. While they were doing there performance's we were cheering and clapping.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is a Jamaican Sprinter, he was born on  August 12th 1986. He is the first men that hold the 100 metres also 200 metres record. Usain Bolt won 30 Gold medals and 9 silver medals. He has topped the first double triple including 4x100m relays. His event in  Sprinting.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ki - o- Rahi

Finding a way with focus and concentration as the player is trying to hit te tupu. So the player was defending though his way to the te tupu. The player busted with speed and hit the te tupu.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Stan Walker

Stan_Walker_-_LightItUp.jpgStan Walker was born on October 23th 1990. He was is New Zealand recording artist, also an actor for television personality. In  2009 Stan  was a winner of the seventh and last season of Australian Idol.

In the First season Stan Walker came a judge for X Factor in 2013. He has sang with Ginny Blackmore called Holding You. He inspired heaps of New Zealanders with his Albums.  

Friday, August 1, 2014

Commonwealth Games

1. What were the first team sports played at the Commonwealth Game? Netball 2. What is the Commonwealth Games Motto? Humanity-Equality-Destiny 3. Who is the Patron Saint of Scotland? Saint Andrew 4. Who are these famous scots? a) Robert The Bruce is a famous Calgary Statue. He was born on July 11th 1274 then he died on June 7th 1329. He was the most famous warriors of his generation. Also he was leading the wars of Scottish against England. b) Robert Burns was a poetry and a lyricist writer. He is known as the national poet of scotland and He is worldwide. His death was on july 21th 1796 in United Kingdom known as UK. c) William Wallace was a Scottish landowner who became one of the main leader. He died on August the 23th 1305. He was born in Elderslie United Kingdom and his height was 1.95 m.


Ane & Mele

Diving is a sport of jumping or falling into the water off a springboard or platform. Diving is a sports that is part or the olympics sports. This event was apart or the olympics sports ever since 1904.

Diving is the most properly olympics sports with the most spectators. The competitors perform the same characters as each other including flexibility, kinesthetic and air awareness. Some or the divers were gymnastics and dances so there use to what they perform because it kind or the same thing as diving.

Steady on the platform she has to do 1 meter diving  and also 3meter springboard. focus was to perfectly 1m and 3m for the divers. There was also no 1 metre dive well standing on the platform for the Diving competiters for olympics.  

As the driver jumped off she twisted and made a splash of entering the water. The judges score the competitors by there twits and all the aspects. Also it is scored by the splash that has been made for the entry or the dive.

Film Festival

Entering the theater it looked like a ‘’Beautiful Palace, with lions statues which there eyes were turning blue and green. ‘’Miss Nua showed us where we are seated’’ . While the lights turned off people were looking up. So I just started looking up until the video played from different Countries but they were only short.  

Looking up on the ceiling was a blue sky wonderful shining star’s and also the clouds came as the video  was starting. First we watched about a boy who had a mum that was an airplane. I thought he was just joking but then he showed us his mum and she was a big white airplane. Also there was another one that came on which was inspiring as we watched alone.

Because it was giraffe there was heaps and they did all kinds of different styles jumping off the platform. Steady on the platform and his or her body taut she begins with a somersault and entered the water.