Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Swimming lessons

swimming 2011,pt england,room 15
Swimming is fun and cool because we get to learn to be a better swimmer. I was blowing bubbles.

Rm 15 went to the swimming pool’s. We walked to the pools with our plastic bags.
We went to get changed into our togs. We got in to our groups. I was swimming to the side of the pool. We were having a swimming lessons with the learner’s. The pool was deep. I was kicking my legs to the other side.

We were swimming at YMCA. I like swimming. There is chlorine in the pool. I was touching the bottom of the pool. The learner’s were learning how to swim. We were learning how to splash more hard. l was trying my best at swimming in the pool. My eyes didn't hurt. I was diving in to the pool.

My favourite sport is swimming. When we got out of our togs and we walked across the field to school. I hung my togs on my chair to dry.

Friday, May 6, 2011

This is about myTower

On Monday we were building tower’s. They were made out of newspaper. We stuck the newspaper together with sellotape. We squashed our tower and it broke. It was cool and it was fun.