Thursday, March 7, 2013

School Picnic!

On a cold windy day our school went to the Beach because we were having a Picnic. We walked to Pt England Beach and Mr Burt. Was telling as what the rules were and telling as we are not allowed to go. While he finished telling as the rules. Me my friends Chloe and Martha went to go put our bags away to play.

Frist we went to the Beach. Then Mr Burt said Team 1 can go into the Beach to have a swim. After a while Mr Burt said Team 5 can go have a swim now. But then my friend Chloe said I never bring my togs. So only me and Martha and the other year 7 and 8 was swimming. After we finished we went to get changed. Then we were looking for Chloe because she was gone.

We find her but she run away from Me and Martha. We said "why did you run away"? She didn't answer back and she just started talking to Raleen and Ashlee. So we went to go take photos of the school playing. After we did that we went to go eat. Then Mr J said singing time people were singing and Mr J says next. After the singing we walked back to school and went home.