Monday, December 24, 2012

Sunday Morning

On  Sunday me and  my sisters  Yvonne, Sarona and I. Went to our friends house, across the road. My sisters and I got our togs and towels.  

We went across the road, and got  into our togs. Then we  got the water gun. So we jumped in the pool, and played and swam around. We played with the water gun. Then we ate  salad and  jumped in the pool again. 

After that we got changed  and played on the trampoline. Then we went inside to play with the mice, in Sarah's room. The mice was small it was white brown and the  tail was pink .

We went into the pool again at night because we were hot. Then after we swam we went inside to go sleep because we were felling asleep in the pool. It was fun at my friends house. 

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  1. Hi Ane
    I read about your holidays.I really like the photo you have put on your blog.


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