Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country

Hi I am going to tell you about Cross Country today. On Thursday we had Cross Country. I like running I am use to running since I run for Cross Country. Cross Country is for when you run around the field. Well for the year 7’s we had to run on the field run out of the gates and go to the Pt England Reserve 2 times.
The first kids to run was the little year 1 then year 2 then keeps on going like that. Well for the year 7’s we had to wait it was getting really hot because the sun was shining on our faces. We the teacher’s decided to move into the shade. Finally we could see the people running and their legs were going fast at the start.

Some people were charging for the kids. The people were sitting and just laughing when they fall but would if it happened to them then how would they fell. They would actually be nervous we were charging for the people we know and our friends sister cousin or brother. 

It was fun running and yeah one of my friend came first and my other friend came Second . Me and my friends were shy to run but then we got used to it. Grace heart stopped and Mr Barks told her to come and she was crying I felt sad for her. Well we kept on going past Grace and thinking what happened.

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  1. Hi Ane

    I was reading your post and wondered why you might be shy running? Was it because you had to run past people or parents?

    Poor Grace, she may have been suffering from asthma.

    I miss seeing you all during P.E/fitness sessions, I like running too and would love the opportunity to run with you all.

    My advice to you is NEVER be shy to do thing you enjoy - focus on how good it makes you feel instead of what others may think.

    Ms T x


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