Thursday, June 20, 2013

Literacy Rotation

On Monday we had changes with the Senior Block. We Started at 8:30Pm, and we do Literacy. The first Teacher I had was Miss Tito.

We were doing Visual Art. Miss Tito was explaining things before we started. Then we had to draw a Koru. First we had a paper to draw on.

When we had finished we had to show Miss Tito. She “said yep now you can do your real Koru”. So I got a black paper and drew a Koru.

The next one we had to do is Kowhaiwhai. Kowhaiwhai is a maori pattern. The mean thing that I liked, was doing the Koru because it was easy. The Kowhaiwhai was ok to do but it was a bit hard.

Miss Tito put some on the wall after the Visual Art. It was time to clean up some people didn’t want to. They still wanted to finish of their work.