Friday, May 30, 2014

*Samoan Language Week

Walking  into the hall I noticed that on the stage it had letter’s that said Taufu Mau I au Measina. Taofi  Mau I au Measina mean’s  Hold fast into your Treasures. Why were we in there it was because Launch of Samoan Language Week. Also we came there because there was a distinguished guest which his name was Sam Lotu Iiga.

First we sang the Maori National,than English and Samoan National Anthem.  Then Performance was the little kids from the Samoan Pre School and they were only 3 and 4. One of the little girl was talking to us in Samoan and they sang.

After that our school Samoan group went up and danced and then they did there Haka after that. Then the Tamaki College came and did there Samoan dance and they we singing. It was like Fiafia but only Samoan group’s. It was a well polished performance the Audience were sensible.

After that Mr Burt was just saying how much he liked it. Also Gloria Thanked Sam Sam Lotu Iiga and the other’s for coming and the Pre School all the performance were really cool. I had fun watching it.

Monday, May 26, 2014

What Makes Sound?

A world without sound would be strange and silent. We wouldn't be able to enjoy music and people would find it difficult to communicate. It would be boring. Sound helps us in many different ways but what is sound?

Para 2:
How does sound vibrate? An object vibrates which vibrates the air particles. Then the eardrums inside your ear goes forward and backwards and then there is a signal that goes to your brain.  

Para 3:
What makes sound different? Pitch makes sound different by going high and low. Also frequency it is kind of like Pitch like a wave goes up and the other one goes low. Then amplitude is like a mountain that is like a wave to the up top is called Crest and the down bottom is called Trough.

Without sound it would be very different and difficult because it wouldn't be easy to commutate with other people.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Steven Adams

Steven Adams is a New Zealand Basketball player. He was born in 1993 28th July, and Steven Adams play’s for Oklahoma city thunder. He is centre #12, he is also 2.13m so that is pretty high. I think Steven Adams is related to Valerie Adams.

Steven Adams and his teams have won the NBL Champion but on 2011.  Steven Adams is 20 year’s old. Steven Adams brother is Warren Adams and his sister is Valerie Adams they are sporty. He is a good player for Oklahoma city thunder.

steven adams .jpg

Friday, May 16, 2014

MasterChef Winner's Kasey And Karena

Kasey and Karena Bird where the winners of Masterchef NZ 2014. This year’s Masterchef Series was Masterchef Duos and the sisters decided to enter together. The 27 episode long competition was a very exciting series to watch and I am sure to do too.

Masterchief started on 1998 and it has been going for a long time. Since then it has been going on till this very year….. 2014. But finally they have announced the winners. Which were……………… Kasey and Karena Bird.

Kasey and Karena bird were really extraordinary cooks to get that far in the show. They made amazing foods and desserts. I mean who doesn't like desserts? Well I do. Anyway, Kasey and Karena were really fair during the contest. I’m glad that they won!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ane's Echolocation

Echolocation is the way some animals locate prey and  navigate. There are like 800 different kind of bats. They send out high pitches to the object and then it reflects back to the  bats pointy ears.  

Bats sound is made by their noises. They make a sound also bounce’s of the object and they have Sensitive Ears. Also they have really good eyesight in the dark. Bats can hear from far and they can see what it is shaped like and what it is. The Bats makes different sound from using their mouths. Bats are are often blind in the  daytime.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Assembly Term 2 2014

 Walking into the hall as I saw balloons  and Teacher's dressed up into there funky clothes. This Term our Topic is Sounds and Music. This year is going to be I like to move it move it. There were going to be Items that the Teacher does like every term we come back from our Holidays.

The First Item was Team 1 and they are doing what would a zoo keeper be like?.  As they showed us a pictures and little bit of like Five seconds video of a giraffe moving and as it is getting taller. Also the Team 1's get to go to the zoo Tomorrow so they are lucky.

Team 2 - Flat (How to fly a plane)
Team 3 - Light ( How do lights show on ground walls and mirrors)
Team 4-  Buoyancy (Sinking and floating)
Team 5- Sound ( What you can make out of increments