Friday, May 30, 2014

*Samoan Language Week

Walking  into the hall I noticed that on the stage it had letter’s that said Taufu Mau I au Measina. Taofi  Mau I au Measina mean’s  Hold fast into your Treasures. Why were we in there it was because Launch of Samoan Language Week. Also we came there because there was a distinguished guest which his name was Sam Lotu Iiga.

First we sang the Maori National,than English and Samoan National Anthem.  Then Performance was the little kids from the Samoan Pre School and they were only 3 and 4. One of the little girl was talking to us in Samoan and they sang.

After that our school Samoan group went up and danced and then they did there Haka after that. Then the Tamaki College came and did there Samoan dance and they we singing. It was like Fiafia but only Samoan group’s. It was a well polished performance the Audience were sensible.

After that Mr Burt was just saying how much he liked it. Also Gloria Thanked Sam Sam Lotu Iiga and the other’s for coming and the Pre School all the performance were really cool. I had fun watching it.

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