Monday, May 5, 2014

Assembly Term 2 2014

 Walking into the hall as I saw balloons  and Teacher's dressed up into there funky clothes. This Term our Topic is Sounds and Music. This year is going to be I like to move it move it. There were going to be Items that the Teacher does like every term we come back from our Holidays.

The First Item was Team 1 and they are doing what would a zoo keeper be like?.  As they showed us a pictures and little bit of like Five seconds video of a giraffe moving and as it is getting taller. Also the Team 1's get to go to the zoo Tomorrow so they are lucky.

Team 2 - Flat (How to fly a plane)
Team 3 - Light ( How do lights show on ground walls and mirrors)
Team 4-  Buoyancy (Sinking and floating)
Team 5- Sound ( What you can make out of increments

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