Friday, April 12, 2013

Fiafia Hip Hop 2013

For the past  5 weeks we have been Practising Hip Hop.On the 18th on Thursday we are going to dance in front of the kids and people. When I first saw the dance it looked heard to do.

We did it with people in other classrooms. While we practise the dance it was cool. It was my first time doing Hip Hop for the school. There are different kinds of other stuff like Drumming, singing, Dances and heaps of other stuff.

Some people was just standing and, looking at other people so they can get it right. I was getting the dance and it was cool. We kept on practising then we can get it right. After that we got it right, the cool thing was that everybody got it right.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ane Graveyard Narrative

One afternoon it was my friends Birthday we went to the movies to celebrate her Birthday we watched a horror Movie. When we finished watching the Movie it was 10:00 so we walked home through the cemetery because the other way was to long. After watching a horror Movie it was like we were in the Movie because it looks like the same Cemetery on the horror Movie.

While walking through the Cemetery we all called hear something. It was just my friend called Chloe but she said she didn’t do anything. Then we all got scared  and then we were walking faster and faster it was getting louder and louder.

Then we looked behind us and it was just the man from the Cemetery. He said didn’t you read the sign no  and then he said’’ get out of here.’’ All I will kill you ha then we ran out of the Cemetery. When we went out of the Cemetery he called all of our names out loud. Then we said how did he know our names. So we walked home safely and happy.