Monday, December 1, 2014


What good Friendship means? To me good friendship means to help one another, being there when they are feeling down. Friendship has a lot of Good meaning in it. Your Friend Ship could make you really happy and you can cry together  laugh and make them feel welcomed.

How to be a Good Friend?  Being a Good Friend is making them laugh letting them know that they are not a mistake. Telling them that you are always their for them. If they are crying or someone passed away be a true friend to be their for them. Doing a good effort by being wonderful and using your kind words. Don’t back stab your friends or you will have no friendship.

Why you need to be a Good Friend? Being a good friend is good but not being a good friend is bad. Because once if you lost your friendship you would be lonely. You would sometimes not laugh you might always cry because you lost your own friendship by backstabbing them. They also can back stab you back and mock you.

When your friend Needs You? If your friend needs you can tell when something is wrong with them if their crying not talking. You could make them laugh but if they still don't you could ask if they want to talk about it. You could walk them home if they are scared someone might mock her or him.

What this world would be like if their were no good friends? If we didn't have good friends in this world. Their would be a lack of communicating. There be people killing them self they might always fight argue at each other.  Feeling like they are a mistake and thinking why is there no good friendship in this world.
Conclusion: How I would treat my friends? It is Great to have a True friendship with people. I would treat my friends like they are my sisters or brothers I  would be their if they are alone. Being there when they need me to be there. Knowing that they are okay at times. If my friend wanted to run away because their mum or dad kept fighting I would also ran away with them To Be Honest.

Future Aspiration

 Key Words

Mr Samuels
Anthony said he learned this week that To Miharo Hoki  means You are amazing.
Anthony told us to Don’t let people in your past determine your future.
Anthony tells us 1 Phase and 1 Key.

Amelia was explaining Don’t let people push you back. Also Don’t let people’s perspective of you determine your future. Amelia worked for A.U.T she has been doing a degree for design’s. She has got one more year to go.  

Paula was explaining  take risk, Hunger.
Paula told us what story do we want to here, he said the one when I nearly died or the one when the teacher was getting his name wrong? Had told us a story about when he was back in intermediate. He will win the swimming challenges in school. Aha and he was funny the teacher’s always got his name wrong and he ‘’says’’ they got mouth disease aha. He drowned when he had a challenge versing other school’s. While he was in the pool he  standard in the middle. He thought  he could reach the bottom of the pool because at his school he could stand up. So he started to drown and he fainted in the pool and the life guard grabbed him and pushed stomach. Then the water came out of his mouth and he was looking around and everybody,   was staring at him his friends were laughing at him and he felt embarrassed.  Paula was inspiring us with his funny words and his actions.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lydia Ko

Lydia Ko was born in April 24 1997, she is a New Zealand Golfer. Lydia Ko is 17 of age, also she had been the top-ranked women amateur golfer in the world for 130 weeks. She is only 1.52 m and her Education is Pinehurst. Her mother is Tina Hyon.

She is an amazing golfer she became the youngest professional  golfer.  Lydia Ko was a pro golfer since the age of 5 when her mum token her to pupuke golf club. On her golfing tour she has won. She has toured around countries and competing for the women golfer. Also she is the youngest the win.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rips Information

New Zealand has the highest drowning rates so its important that people know how to keep safe. If you are in a Rip the first thing is to do is never try to swim back because you will get tired of the water pushing you further away. So never swim alone because if something  drowns or panic you can get dragged under that Rip.Life guards has put 2 flags out so stay between the flags because its safe.If you are caught in the rip don’t panic because most people drown and even die from panicking in the rip its important to don’t panic.

Do you know how a rips for?
Rip is like a stream full of water that pushes water out and away from the shore. So if the rip pushes you away and you're trying to get back to shore put your one hand up and try to stand up. Then wait for the lifeguards to come and get you. Rips are hard to get out of so you should know rules when you are in a rip.
How do you identify a rip?
When you are getting drifted away and you’re trying to swim back to shore that's when you know you’re in a rip.  When water are hitting the shore and on the same time water drifting away that's when you know its a rip. Rips are unsafe to be around so its important you swim near the shore and away from rips.

What to do when you are caught in a rip?
When you are caught in a rip don’t try to swim back just wait until someone grabs you. Don’t panic because you might drown and die from rips. If you are caught just wait until the waves finally stop and then you can swim back. Always swim when their adults close to you so they can pull you in.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Empathy Explanation

Imagine a world without empathy. It would be a world with a lack of communication, it would be a crazy world. Empathy means standing in other people’s shoes. Empathy is sometimes hard  especially if someone has hurt your feelings and you just want to be unkind back. But it’s important to understand other people’s feelings and their emotional and is important to have a peaceful world.

You can show empathy in many ways, which is being respectful to one another understanding what they have been through. Show your good ways to them be kind. You can show empathy by doing kind  actions with your hands. Listening can be a way that you can show empathy.

If you don’t show empathy their energy will start going down. There can also be violent people always crying. Its important to show empathy so they don’t always feel like they are a nobody and its not good to keep on mocking them.
Conclusion: I can Imagine a world without happiness. It would also be no ability to feel their roots and even feel connected to each other. Think about if we had no bullies at school and anywhere else it would be a better world.  We do need empathy we don't need bad stuff to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already we have the power imagine better.

Think about if we could have empathy all the time there wouldn’t be any fighting, crying and  arguing. Wouldn't it be great to have people saying good stuff all the time about you? Instead of them saying all mean stuff to you and other people.

Empathy is a word that people hardly hear these days. But do you know the meaning of the true empathy. For example the true empathy is making sure that they feel welcome and that they can be happy.