Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Rips Information

New Zealand has the highest drowning rates so its important that people know how to keep safe. If you are in a Rip the first thing is to do is never try to swim back because you will get tired of the water pushing you further away. So never swim alone because if something  drowns or panic you can get dragged under that Rip.Life guards has put 2 flags out so stay between the flags because its safe.If you are caught in the rip don’t panic because most people drown and even die from panicking in the rip its important to don’t panic.

Do you know how a rips for?
Rip is like a stream full of water that pushes water out and away from the shore. So if the rip pushes you away and you're trying to get back to shore put your one hand up and try to stand up. Then wait for the lifeguards to come and get you. Rips are hard to get out of so you should know rules when you are in a rip.
How do you identify a rip?
When you are getting drifted away and you’re trying to swim back to shore that's when you know you’re in a rip.  When water are hitting the shore and on the same time water drifting away that's when you know its a rip. Rips are unsafe to be around so its important you swim near the shore and away from rips.

What to do when you are caught in a rip?
When you are caught in a rip don’t try to swim back just wait until someone grabs you. Don’t panic because you might drown and die from rips. If you are caught just wait until the waves finally stop and then you can swim back. Always swim when their adults close to you so they can pull you in.

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