Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Holiday

In the holiday’s I went to town with my mum and my sister's to go to my aunties house. We went to go to a show and then we went down the elevator but it didn’t work. We pushed the button and it worked and then I went to the pool’s.
I went inside with my mum, sisters, aunty and cousins. I went to the hot pool and then I went to the cold pool and it was just right for me. My sister Sarona came in the cold pool to come and drown me. I got angry then I screamed and my sister got angry and I got angry too, because my sister was laughing at me. I pushed her in the cold pool and she got angry and I laughed. My sister was angry at me because I laughed and she pushed me in and tried to drown me again. I then got very angry and then we went to a show about instruments.