Monday, May 26, 2014

What Makes Sound?

A world without sound would be strange and silent. We wouldn't be able to enjoy music and people would find it difficult to communicate. It would be boring. Sound helps us in many different ways but what is sound?

Para 2:
How does sound vibrate? An object vibrates which vibrates the air particles. Then the eardrums inside your ear goes forward and backwards and then there is a signal that goes to your brain.  

Para 3:
What makes sound different? Pitch makes sound different by going high and low. Also frequency it is kind of like Pitch like a wave goes up and the other one goes low. Then amplitude is like a mountain that is like a wave to the up top is called Crest and the down bottom is called Trough.

Without sound it would be very different and difficult because it wouldn't be easy to commutate with other people.


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