Thursday, August 1, 2013

In the holidays

In the holidays on Saturday  I went to  Rainbow End. For my friends Birthday and her name is Chloe
I went with her mum dad little brother and her cousin Brooklyn. The first thing we went on was the Pirate Ship.

Then we went on the Fear Fall Me,Chloe and her cousin Brooklyn went on the Fear Fall. We were waiting in line and it was our turn. So we went on we were going up and in 123456 it went down I was laughing cause Brooklyn was screaming while we were going down. Brooklyn was so scared we went off and she was talking fast and ME and Chloe told her to talk slow.

But she couldn't talk slow because she was scared. Well to me it was fun the next one was the power sage. While I was on it I was kinder scared but the someone started screaming so that kept me laughing again. The Next one was the roller coaster the line was beauty long but we waited not like we are just going to push in.

We had to meet Chloe's mum at the food place at 1:00 O'clock to have a feed. So we kept on going on the Fear Fall and we went on the bumping cars the we were bumping in to all of the people. But not the one with the Adult with a child cause we didn't want to be sad. Then we had to go and  meet Chloe's mum. After we went to Denny's at 6:00 so we had time to do something else.    

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