Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boxing Day

After Christmas it was Boxing Day. First  me and Sarona my sister was getting up and getting changed. Then Sarona ring my mum to come and pack as up she said ok. While we were waiting we ate our breakfast. Then she came to pack me and Sarona up from my Nanas house. So we went home and played  then we went to Sylvia pack. We were looking for a parking sport  then we  find one. Then we got out of the car so my mum said to my big sisters and brother to go and find some clothes or some shoes. So my mum took me and Sarona   to the  warehouse first. Me and Sarona got 50 dollies from our mum. Then my mum got togs and the same as me too.

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  1. Happy New Year! It makes the teachers at Pt England School very happy to see you posting on your blog during the holidays. Well done.

    Enjoy the rest of the holidays and keep updating us on what you have been doing.

    See you back at school on February the 4th.


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