Thursday, August 21, 2014


Ki-o-rahi is a sport that represents the 7 stars for matariki. It is a legend or Rahi and the Patupaiarehe. The ball is called Ki also the sport is played in New Zealand . Ki-o-rahi has different kind or spots mixed together like netball touch tag and rippa. For Ki-o-rahi You can tackle but to other people it is just a beginning game so it would be better to wear tags instead.

There are only 7 players on side in Ki-o-Rahi. Ki-o-rahi is mainly played in france and New Zealand.There are  2 teams and one team is called Kioma and the other is called Taniwha. The kioma team scores by running along the Te Ara and scoring into the pawiro.

Ki-o-rahi is like a rugby game but you can throw the ball in front of you. It is a good sport to play with your family if your family has an outing. I really enjoy the game Ki-o-rahi because it is really fun and funny watching people slip if it’s muddy. I hope you and your family play Ki-o-rahi and see what it feels like playing.

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