Wednesday, August 13, 2014


On Monday the 11th we had to pay 1 dollar to watch a performance in the hall. It started after morning tea. Entering the Hall with my class all the dancers were dressed in Maori customs. There were 5 dancer’s 3 Men’s and 2 Women’s first they introduced themselves to all of us and there 3 men’s names was Lucky, Jordan and Aroha.

Also the 2 Women’s names are Hera and Zoe. All of the groups yelled “Kia ora”but only one at a time while they introduced  themselves. Then after that they did a performance and also sang. Lucky and Jordan were doing powerful slapping movements while Aroha was playing the Guitar.

We were all laughing and giggling because of Aroha he is the funny one in there group. After that the Woman's did their performance with there piupiu which was swinging from side to side. While they were doing there performance's we were cheering and clapping.

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