Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cold Days

Today it is a freezing day,when I looked outside it was foggy. While I went outside I was shivering and while I was  breathing Steam came out of my mouth. So I started walking while my body was numb.

While I got out of my bed I started to shiver. My mum already left to work so I had to walk! As Soon as I got changed I went outside and the grass was iced. Suddenly my Teeth were cheating while I was walking to school.

Is My Writing Effective?
Are my paragraph/s about one MAIN idea?
Do my paragraph/s have more than one sentence?  (usually 2-4)
Are the sentences connected and build up the MAIN idea?
Do my sentences in my paragraphs begin in different ways?
Are the sentences varied?  e.g. in length, in complexity
Have I used different types of sentences?   e.g Statements(.) Questions(?) Exclamations(!) OR Speech (“ “)
Have  I carefully chosen words/vocabulary in my sentences?

Do my sentences and paragraphs meet the purpose?
Do my sentences/paragraphs appeal to the reader/audience?
Have I checked my writing for grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors?

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