Friday, June 13, 2014

Dodge Ball Friday

Every Friday Team 5 have  had dodge ball and they also  play against other classes . Most of the times when Team 5 have Miss Tito  while there go somewhere they have Miss Tito. When we first did our Practices Miss Tito looked at us and we weren't working as a Team or going for the good player’s.

Heaps of us weren't working as a Team they were just going for other player’s. She said to  us if we don’t work as a Team we will lose the game against the other classes. Our reifes are our Pt England year 8’s Miss Tito picked them because they offered.

We had finished our Practice so the next day we played with Class 3. We went behind the line and when Miss Tito blown the whistle and we run to go get it. We never worked as a Team as Miss Tito said. She was saying it while we were throwing the balls.

I got out so I went to set on the chair if someone caught the ball they will get out and then I could go back on. We lost the game and we played some more games just for fun the other one was for to see who wins.

The next day we worked as a Team and that was good. While we were play I was look at Mele sneaking by the side and she got Htawara out. Than I got out now I know to look at people from the other side not mine. I really enjoyed dodge ball with Classes.

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