Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sound Explanation

If we had no sound in the world then we wouldn’t be able to listen to amazing music that people have made. I wouldn't be able to live if there was no music because my life would be less FUN. But how does sound work ?

Sound can be made by the vibrating of the object.Sound vibrates the air molecules which vibrates your ear drum that converts to electrical signals. The sound goes through your ears hits straight to your brain. Sound can be made by the vibrating of the object. For example as you hit the drum with drumsticks the sound of that object will reflex the skin of the drums which vibrates up and down.

Sound is also different because they have different beats to each other and they also sound different. Some sound have high and low pitch sound and if the high pitch is high then it vibrates fast but if it is low it take it times.

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