Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Immersion Assembly

This start of the team , We are doing  Art Attack. Seeing all the teacher’s dressed up in their colourful hair, t-shirts and pants. Each team had to do a performance about Art Attack. Watching Team 4 doing their performance. Also the main colors are Yellow Blue and Red from Team 1.

There was four teacher’s standing on stage, Their name’s were Andy Warhol was a pop art, Fatu Fe’u was a Samoan and drew flower patterns, Vincent Van Gogh had an bandaged ear, Pablo Picasso was a cubist style, Monet had a french accent and George Seurat was a style of painting was pointillism dots.

They all Introduced them self and told them what kind of painting they did also where they lived. They have good pictures of westpac and all patterns or drawing. All that time at assembly is was boring just watching them but the best was Team 4 interesting was Team 5.

Team 5 was painting a  picture of Mr Burt, Miss Jarman and Mr Jacobson. Once they finished we all saw what the pictures were and it was really amazing. They had good painting and I wish one day I will turn out like an artist.  “ I think this term is going to be a messy term” I Said to Mele. When we get to the middle of this term it going to best fun because we will be painting pictures and sticking them around our school.  

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