Friday, April 11, 2014

FiaFia Night

 Getting ready for FiaFia is a big thing to do but our FiaFia Group didn't have to get chance because we could wear anything.  I thought it was dumb to wear anything because it didn't look like we were a group. But it was okay what we were wearing, at less we didn't wear our uniform .

While we had to go to our changing room instead of getting ready for FiaFia we watched movies instead. We had to wait until 3 groups go on and then it was our turn to dance. While we were dancing no one was cheering even after we were dancing. I thought that was pretty mean.

As soon as we finished dancing it started to get cold so I put my jumper. Before us was the Bollywood what I liked about it was the song and how they were not shy to dance as their culture. My Nana was doing the candy floss with some of the people from our church so we could raise some money for our camp.

The best dances I liked were the Kapa Haka group and I liked the Samoan group because it was funny. Thats' what the best dancing group that I liked and loved. I liked the one from last year FiaFIa because they were all better than this year.

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