Monday, April 7, 2014

Ane''s Article

What are Google Glasses , Well Google glasses are like something you put on your Ear and you can Google some stuff on it. It is also a Technology glasses so that means is not only glasses.  While you are walking you can put them on and you can see stuff.

If I had Google glasses it would be awesome to have one  and see what it is really like. But  actually  I think I wouldn't play with it that much. You can talk to the Google Glasses and that's how you search it.

About Google glasses, they can take photos on the even Skype to a friend. Like everything you do on the laptop you can do on Google glasses. But you can type on it only speak to it.

Google glasses even have full WI-FI  they are nice and fancy. So it cost $1500 that it heaps of money. So I wouldn't waste my money on that because its to small.  

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