Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Some Information about Fiji

The current flag of Fiji was adopted on 10 October 1970. The Fiji flag is coloured in  blue with a shape of a shield with palm a tree on it. Fiji is a beautiful Island on earth. Its bright blue background symbolizes the Pacific Ocean, which plays an important part in the lives of the islanders, both in terms of the fishing industry, and the huge tourist trade.

Fiji, officially called the Republic of the Fiji Islands, is an island group located in Oceania between Hawaii and New Zealand. Fiji is an independent state within the British Commonwealth located on the Fiji Islands. Fiji houses are made out of bamboos, bricks, stone, concrete, wood.

The Fiji often eat very flavourful foods. The foods that they mostly eat and often a mixture between Indian-style food and spicy flavours. The women will usually cook because it is their tradition.  They mostly use under fire and underground food. Their usual food is  rice, sweet potatoes, taro, cassava, coconut and fish.

Delicious right!

The weather in  Fiji is about 26- 29 degrees. In Fiji its changes weather every day and night it. It doesn't get really cold in Fiji, pretty much. Fiji’s weather is different to some of the country on earth. Fiji is pretty hot but others are cold and some are really cold. What a country to explore about.

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