Friday, December 13, 2013


My netbook connected   to internet has helped me a lot with my writing, maths, art and reading. I just search some questions like when was Nelson Mandela born how was his childhood. 

One time I worked on my maths book. Then did my Mental maths on their an their was a shape that I couldn't find out how many sides did it have. So I searched it up on google and it had 6 sides and it was hexagon.

The special thing that my teacher tot me was silent ball  is was a fun game when the whole class played it together.

I didn't know how to import when I was five years old but I just watch my old teacher Miss Gorge and I didn't know how to draw spell that much then other kids do. 

My friend has tot me how to do a status on my email  change my profile  and how to do smile facers.

Miss Nua has been teaching how to read and fix my work. She teaches me how to spell. 

I have tot how hyperlink their checklist and their tick so Miss Tito can see our work. So we can do some of cool   stuff  instead  of my work.


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