Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Technology @ Tamaki Collage

I am going to talk about  Technoelgy for the people who don't know what is is. Well the year 7s have Technology @ Tamaki Collage. What we do there we do Art, Cook, or Making Neck- less. I am in Art with my best friend Chloe. Mr Nobel is our art teacher he is a good artist kind and not mean.

Well when I first went to Technology @ Tamaki Collage this man told us were to go. He called out peoples names and they have to go to there teacher. I was with Mr Grundy he was the doing Wood. So we went off and he interdictions he self to us.

The first thing we had to do was write some rules he gave us some peace of paper. The rules was don't play with tools their not toys. The other rules were don't hit anyone with the tools. Their was other stuff but to long. Mr Grundy said what are the rules.

People said the wrong stuff well so they were not listening. Mr Grundy said it's the first day so I will let you off. Well we got started to do wood and make  chairs trains and other stuff. It was cool but then there was the same people that got in trouble it wasn't what I thought that it was going to happened.

So me and my friend Chloe was making a chair. It was hard but then it got easier and funnier my mum wouldn't let me touch a strangle hummer. While me and Chloe put our names on the bored for help we were shy to put it up but he said don't be shy. Because if you do u would not finish your work. It was time to leave.  

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